5 habits that are making your life miserable || Why does life suck?

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Are you doing something repeatedly in your daily life that is destroying you?

Fun Fact, you didn’t even know it, but now that I have pointed it out, you would like to focus on certain bad habits that you are repeating unknowingly, that make you shout ‘why does life suck’.

According to Alex Monaco, It's simpler to be sad than it is to be happy. It's difficult to see the sun because you have to look up, but it's much easier to see beneath your feet and at the mud on the street, says an author of motivational books and the most honest blogger in the world.

5 Habits that are making your life miserable

  1. Waiting for perfectionism

Do you often think life would be full of happiness if you have a perfect home, partner, job, etc?

Then, you need to think again because perfect things don’t exist. It is about accepting our flaws that make our life beautiful and peaceful. If you wait for perfectionism, you are limiting yourself from happiness

  1. Afraid of people’s opinions?

Are you afraid people will judge you?

Let me tell you, everyone is so busy figuring out their life that they have no time for judging others. There are so many distractions in our lives like depression, social media, unemployment, etc. why would someone waste their time on judging you?

Also, people’s opinions don’t matter, just live life the way you want and know how to be happy again.

  1. Not forgiving others

Let’s accept, we all make mistakes in our life, we might have broken someone’s heart, or many of us are a villain in someone’s story.

But this is common because we all are human beings, we do suck sometimes. Remember if you can make mistakes, so can other people.

Life is too short to hold a grudge against someone else, especially if that person has created beautiful memories with you. So, try to forgive others, not because you are a kind soul but for your mental peace.


  1. Living in the past/future

Our favorite habit is either to live in the past or future but not in the present where we are supposed to be.

Do you spend your free time thinking about the past pain points, embarrassing moments you had 5 years ago, or worrying about what your future will look like?

Then, a simple piece of advice! Start living in the present by improving your self-awareness. It is said if you are doing great in the present your future will automatically be better and your past doesn’t matter anymore.

  1. Complaining

 The other favorite habit that we do often is ‘Complaining’. Instead of appreciating beautiful things in our life, all we end up doing is complaining, because it is easier to blame others than take the responsibilities yourself.

We complain about the grading system, bad partners, stressful jobs, etc. But instead of finding solutions for our problems, all we do is complain!

These were some of the cringe-worthy habits that make you shout ‘why does life suck’. So, the next time you feel down, make sure you keep a check on your daily habits.

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