Seasonal: Every Homeowner's Maintenance Checklist

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Image Credit: Ksenia Chernaya | Pexels

Your home is always there to protect you from the elements and keep you safe daily. In return, you have to perform maintenance tasks to keep it in the best condition. Though some maintenance tasks can be done every month, they are best suited for certain seasons.

Here is the checklist that should keep your home functioning:

Winter Maintenance
The biting cold may force you to bundle up in blankets inside the warmth of your home. However, before you snuggle up and hibernate for the season, make sure to perform the following maintenance tasks that are highly essential to your home’s protection, as it will be exposed to more extreme temperatures than usual:

  • Check Detectors and Batteries
    Looking for extra batteries and installing new detectors during the holiday season can be a challenge. With the weather delaying some of these services, it’s simply unsafe to have dysfunctional detectors at home, especially when you’re cooking special family dinners during the holidays. Instead of putting your family at risk, make sure to double-check your detector’s functionality and battery life before the season begins.
  • Beware of Frozen Pipes
    Frozen pipes can lead to bursting drainage systems and overflowing canals later on. Due to the extremely cold temperatures, your pipe connections may expand as the water inside freezes up. To prevent this, you may have your faucet run at a drip especially when you’re away for a long time.

Spring Maintenance
With spring comes the desire for rebirth and transformation, which ushers in the need to perform a thorough spring cleaning. This is the perfect time to do the majority of your home maintenance work, as it has the best weather. You can begin this with the following:

  • Clean the Garbage Drain
    Assuming that you’ll be starting your spring cleaning at the very start of the season, chances are you will be throwing plenty of waste down your garbage chute. The lack of cleaning and proper draining may cause clogging up in the following weeks and months.

Instead of waiting for the oil to congeal and the garbage to pile up, make sure to pour a cup of baking soda, vinegar, and hot water solution down the drain to clear up any debris that may block it.

  • Perform Septic Tank Inspection
    Septic tanks are always vulnerable to flooding during the spring season. As extra water from the thawed snow flows to it, with the natural soil still cold, it may be difficult for it to naturally drain. So, to prevent your septic tank from overflowing and leaking, make sure to contact a septic repair from Loretto.
  • Drain your Pipes and Sinks
    Pipes and sinks that have frozen up during winter may find themselves harbouring congealed debris as the spring season comes. Oils and other organic materials, which are subjected to intense cold, will harden into an impenetrable ball that can lead to clogged pipes. To prevent this, try pouring hot water down the sink to thaw out the blockage.

Summer Maintenance

Image Credit: Ben Mack | Pexels

Summer is the time to tan and cool off. It’s the season for outdoor adventures and basking under the sun’s glow. However, you won’t be able to do that if you’re worried about the condition of your home. Make sure that it’s in top shape by using:

  • Vacuum Coils
    Stocking food during the long and dry months is a habit for any homeowner who’s looking to take a vacation and enjoy the season. However, when you’ve put too many products in your fridge, it may not be able to power up efficiently due to overheating.

To prevent your refrigerator from overheating and getting broken, make sure to vacuum the refrigerator coils and brush off any dust that has stuck to it. This way, it can function more efficiently and you’ll save more on energy costs.

  • Perform Pest Extermination
    Pests and vermin will always grow in large numbers during the summer. As the weather gives them the excuse to go out and meet with others, it allows them to procreate more. However, that brings their desire to raid your kitchen and home for extra food and shelter. To stop them from cozying up in your house, hire experts from Toronto in rat removal.

Fall Maintenance

The autumn wind drives people indoors. With the fire crackling and the wind blowing, it’s the perfect time to just snuggle and relax. However, home maintenance work still doesn't stop, so you still have to get up and do the following:

  • Wildlife Prevention
    Before winter rolls in, fall is the best time for animals to burrow and find their own shelter to hibernate and hide in. Unfortunately, your home is also an option. To protect your house from unwanted visitors, call wildlife control in Barrie for help.

  • Install Chimney Caps
    Birds tend to nest during the autumn season. Your chimney provides an ideal spot for them. Cozy and protected, it's the best place to lay eggs. However, this can be unsafe to both the birds and your home as it may be a fire hazard and the fumes from your fireplace could poison the birds. To prevent birds from nesting in your chimney, make sure to have your chimney capped and check if it’s secured regularly.

These house duties have to be invested with time, effort, and money because they will affect your living situation in the long run. You don’t have to worry about spending too much cash because most of these home maintenance assignments are just DIYs. You just have to take the time to learn, research, and give extra effort. So, take care of your home by doing these maintenance tasks, or else it will create major and expensive problems later on.

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