ICSESemester 1 Revised Datesheet Announced2021-22| Clarity of concepts and reliable content for MCQs pattern for Class 10

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In this article, I want to present to you 7 online apps to study and learn geography. Each of these apps that you will see here will allow you to learn the location of countries and regions of the world, the capitals and also the flags to prepare you better for ICSE Specimen MCQs Sample Paper Class 10 For Semester 1 Board Exams 2021-22.


1. Geography Quiz

This is a different geography app because it is not based on locating territories on a map or selecting the correct flag. The idea here is to answer geography questions of all kinds.

Questions may appear about the continents, about countries or about the planet Earth itself, in relation to the solar system.

The questions are usually accompanied by images and the answer can be multiple choice or through letters that must be discovered.

Geography Quiz is available in many languages and you can find it on both Android and iOS. The only disadvantage is that it has a lot of publicity and in some moments this becomes very annoying.

  1. Geography Plus

With a pixel-based graphical interfaceGeography Plus stands out as a retro educational app. It uses not only a graphic style that recalls the old console games but also takes advantage of the typical sounds of those little machines.

With Geography Plus you have two trivia modes: play and learn. With the first, you will face all kinds of questions and you will compete globally with other users who use the app.

That can be fun and motivating, but I find the Learn mode much more educational. There it is possible to select the number of questions per round, the region to learn and the topics, among which the following can be selected: capitals, flags, continents, map, currency and area/population.

3. World Map Quiz

In this app, all you have to do is locate countries, regions, oceans and seas on the map. You will always start from a piece of information that can be the name of a country, its capital or its flag, and your job will be to locate it on the planisphere.

This is an app to use with the cell phone horizontally, or with a large tablet since the planisphere barely fits on the screen. You can obviously zoom in or out.

Among the different modes that you will find, I recommend the one called "Assume the names". In this modality, the countries stand out one by one and you have to answer which one it is, out of 6 possible answers.

4. Geographic Quiz: flags, maps and shields

This app does not shine for being one of the best, but it has a particularity that makes it stand out. It incorporates trivia for country shields, something that, in general, other apps do not have.

The downside is that to be able to access this trivia, you first have to unlock it by playing the levels corresponding to flags and then countries. With 159 correct answers between the two, you will be able to access the shield trivia and prepare better for ICSE Specimen MCQs Sample Paper Class 10 For Semester 1 Board Exams 2021-22.



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