ICSE Semester 1 Revised Datesheet Announced 2021-22| 5 secret Techniques of Preparation to be followed for Class 10 board exams

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This time we are going to meet different creative and original pencil holders. These can be very useful to put on the desk to store everyday pencils and pens. But also to add a touch of originality in the studio environment.

They are also a good gift idea, not only for students but also for office workers or people who have some type of creative work.For ICSE Specimen MCQs Sample Paper Class 10 For Semester 1 Board Exams 2021-22, Click Here.

Pencil holder sharpener

The first of these original pencil holders that we are going to know is a giant pencil sharpener. It is made of solid woodrubber, and stainless steel. Yes, the blade you see there is metal, but we take it for granted that it is dull.

There are three versions of this same pencil holder. The first, the simple pencil sharpener in a light colour. Then the same simple but dark brown pencil sharpener. The last one, a double pencil sharpener, with a larger hole and a smaller one. The latter is designed to put clips or other small accessories.

Leaky bucket pencil holder

This is a very original pencil holder. It is a bucket or bucket with a hole in the bottom. No, what comes out from underneath is not water but plastic and it is precisely what makes the pencil holder hold up and make it appear that it is in the air. The effect is really striking and does not go unnoticed on a desktop.

The bucket is quite wide and can fit a lot of pencils. It comes in different colours: blackturquoisegreenpink and red. The base is disassembled, in case you want to use it without it.

Pencil-shaped pencil holder

This is an ironic pencil holder because it features the shape of the very thing it holds. Yes, a kind of pencil with an eraser. It is made of metal and the pink bottom, which would be the eraser, separates and works as a compartment to put clips or small accessories.

It is a fairly large pencil holder and although compared to the others in this same post it is not so creative, it is perhaps the simplest and most practical of all.

Pen cap-shaped pencil holder

In this case, we have a pencil holder with a shaped pen cap inverted truncated. It is made of plastic and how could it be otherwise due to the shape it has, it is an official Bic product.

As a pencil holder, it is large and fits a few pencils. Best of all, it is available in different colours. Among them, blackblue and red.

Pencil holder pencil

Another ironic (or recursive, we should say) pencil holder. It is a truncated pencil with a hole to put some pencils. It is not as big as the previous ones and it is quite light. It weighs only 63 grams. If you are looking for something more solid, it may not be the best option.

The material from which it is made is plastic and comes in different colours: red, light blue, green, purple and pink, among others.For ICSE Specimen MCQs Sample Paper Class 10 For Semester 1 Board Exams 2021-22, Click Here.


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