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The idea of ​​this article is that you know which are the most sought after models on the market. We are going to see scientific calculators of different brands and we will go from the most basic to the most complex.

Before we begin, I want to clarify that all those found in this article are scientific calculators, not graphing. If you are interested in calculators that make graphs, I recommend the article: The best graphing calculators for students to stay ahead for solving ICSE Specimen MCQs Sample Paper Class 10 For Semester 1 Board Exams 2021-22.

Casio FX-82MS

The Casio FX-82MS is the most widely used of all scientific student calculators. Its fame comes from being reliablecheap,  easy to use, and standardized. As many students have it, tips on how to use it are passed on. When you do not know how to do a certain operation or procedure with this calculator, it is generally easy to find out: you ask your fellow bank member, who most likely has the same model.

The Casio FX-82MS is the most widely used calculator for students and is almost a standard in schools and universities.

The display of the FX-82MS is of two lines, with a VPAM system. Supports up to 24 levels of parentheses and has 8 memories.

This scientific calculator supports basic operations and also works with powers, exponential functions, logarithms, decimals, and fractions. It also includes trigonometric functions and the possibility of working with polar numbers. In total, it incorporates 240 mathematical functions, including some statistics and combinatorics.

VPAM (Visually Perfect Algebraic Method) is a modern notation system that includes the newest calculators. They allow you to write and visualize expressions in a simple way, contrary to what the older calculators did. However, it has already been relegated by calculators with Natural Display.

It has a removable cap that can be attached to the back. It works with an AA battery that can last several years.

The disadvantage of this calculator is that the SVPAM display is being out of use, due to the more modern ones that have Natural Display and the Classwiz, which appeared in 2015 and that have a dot matrix display that allows you to write expressions on the screen. just as we write them in the text.

Hewlett Packard 10s Plus (NW276AA)

The second scientific calculator model that we are going to know is the HP 10s Plus from Hewlett Packard. A model is similar to the HP 10s that we once talked about in Liberated Minds.

This calculator comes with a two-line display with a VPAM system, which makes it easy to visually assemble expressions. You can perform the basic operations and also work with fractionssexagesimal systemslogarithmspowers, and roots. It includes 240 functions, among which the trigonometric ones stand out, some of probability and statistics (mean, standard deviation and variance) and combinatorial (permutations, combinations and factorials).

As you can see, it has a standard design and has display cursor arrows on one side. Includes 9 memory registers. It works with a single LR44 battery that is already included, although it also comes with a cell with a solar panel.

It has the same advantages and disadvantages as its main Casio competitor, the FX-82MS. That is, while it is cheap and reliable, the two-line display is already somewhat outdated compared to the newer models. Try to solve ICSE Specimen MCQs Sample Paper Class 10 For Semester 1 Board Exams 2021-22.



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