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This time we are going to take a tour of the best scientific calculators for students that are available on the market.

scientific calculator is an essential tool for both high school and college. Selecting the correct calculator is a chore that requires time. Don't buy the first one you find. Research what you need and eventually what you may need from a scientific calculator. Consult, compare and draw your own conclusions. For Latest CBSE MCQs Sample Paper Class 12 For Term 1 Board Exams 2021-22, Click Here.

Casio FX-82ES Plus

We could consider the  Casio FX-82ES Plusas the older sister of the FX-82MS. The layout of the keys is similar and it also includes a removable cover. However, the screen is Natural-VPAM and is larger, allowing more lines to enter. This allows, for example, not to have to enter the fractions in a single lin

It provides the same advantages as the FX-82MS but instead of 240 math functions, this calculator supports 252 functions. Includes 9 variable memories. It is a bit more expensive than the FX-82MS but it is clearly superior.

Those who study Mathematical Analysis, know that with this calculator you can calculate definite integrals and derivatives at a point.

Casio FX-991ES Plus

Above the FX-82ES Plus, we find the Casio FX-991ES Plus. This is another calculator with a Natural VPAM display, which allows for multi-line typing. In addition to supporting all the basic functions that its younger sisters have, this adds 417 functions in total. It incorporates a solar cell and works with a single LR-44 battery.

One of its best features is that it solves equations and allows you to work with complex numbers. Among other things, it allows you to calculate the minimum and maximum values ​​of a quadratic function, handles repeating decimals, and includes many probabilitystatistical, and combinatorial functions.

If you study mathematical analysis, you need to know that this calculator performs definite integrals. And if they study algebra, they can use it to work with vectors and matrices.

The  Casio FX-991ES Plus is a notch or two higher than the ones we described earlier. Of course, it is a bit more expensive. If you are studying for an engineering degree or a scientific career, this is a scientific calculator to consider.

Casio FX-991 SPX II Classwizz Iberia

This is one of the newest calculators from Casio. The  Classwizzappeared in 2015 and established itself among the best and most modern on the market.

You could say that it is a small computer with a calculator. The display is LCD with a high resolution of 63 x 192 pixels. This allows you to display graphical menus.

In terms of features, in addition to all those that we already saw from the other Casio calculators, this one includes 576 functions. He works with complex numbers and can solve systems of equations of up to 4 unknowns.

As for vector algebra, it is designed to work with vectors. Calculated scalar productvector product, the angle between vectors and normalization. Works with matrices up to 4 x 4 . You can calculate determinants and invert matrices. Those who study algebra will know that these functions with matrices are a great advantage.

It incorporates statistical functions and also solves derivatives and definite integrals at a point, just like the other calculators.

It works with an LR44 battery and has a solar energy cell.

The  Casio FX-991 SPX II Classwizz Iberia is a top-notch calculator for any student. It is best recommended for college students, as many of the features it includes in college or high school courses are not typically allowed. Although that already depends on the educational system where they are.For Latest CBSE MCQs Sample Paper Class 12 For Term 1 Board Exams 2021-22, Click Here.



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