Uncovering Hidden Stories With Design and Geolocation

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  • Global Contest for designers and storytellers with $6000 USD in prizes.
  • New geolocation start-up(geo.nick) enabling easier and better address sharing.
  • Sharing hidden locations from cities with stories that are impactful and meaningful.

There is so much more going on in our cities than what maps and guidebooks tell us. Let’s reveal hidden stories and places in cities around the world. Let’s show off those hidden gems that few would know about and are difficult to pinpoint with a traditional address. For the effort, there is a possibility to win $6000 USD.
Visual creators and storytellers are invited to team up to tell a story about hidden locations in cities anywhere in the world. They will use an innovative new collaboration platform 1TM.io to post these stories and collaborate with at least one other creator to publish their entry for the contest.

The intention of the contest is to promote the geolocation start-up building the technology, geo.nick, and to promote the creators who created the works. Winning contestants' work will be used to promote the new technology, the geo.nick brand, and themselves, with full credit and prominent positioning of their 1TM profiles.

This contest was designed to share the meaningful experiences and value that can be gained by communicating a location or a place without an address. Using storytelling to show the stories behind visuals to create an immersive experience showing the power of precision addressing where there is no address available. At the same time showing off beautiful hidden attractions in the far reaches of cities that people usually miss or would otherwise never know existed. Contest participants should select three typically hidden places in a city and tell their stories while using the geo.nick address to communicate the location. Participants must collaborate with at least one other creator through the 1TM.io platform and submit their entries together. Those stories will be used to promote geo.nick across social media and other online channels, also showing the winning creators’ work to thousands while giving them credit to boost their reputation.

The brands involved with this contest are geo.nick, 8THNS, and 1TM. geo.nick, the sponsor of the contest, is a Seoul-based precision addressing start-up that breaks the world up into a 1㎡ grid that can accurately share any location on the planet whether there is a traditional address for it or not. You can easily share a location with just 3 words and a district, be it in the middle of the ocean or a specific entrance to the local dog park. geo.nick is also planning to allow users to customize their locations for sharing with friends or promoting a business.
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8THNS is a brand publishing company headquartered in Taipei. 8THNS identifies quality brands and helps them with market launches and branding. 8THNS acted as an enabler in the contest designing and executing the contest.

1TM.io is a social network and a collaboration hub for creators, enablers, and enthusiasts, where like-minded people from different verticals build teams and collaborate. The contest is powered by the 1TM.io platform, enabling the collection of submissions and engagement with the contestants on an open and free-to-use platform.

Learn more about the contest, hosted by geo.nick, and enter the contest on the 1TM.io website (www.itm.io/beyond-address).

The contest runs from November 23rd to December 7th, 2021. A prize of $5000 will be awarded to the winner, additional prizes totaling $1000 will also be awarded. The total prize pool is $6000.

The categories for the winning works will include, the Best Story Award($200), the Best Collaboration
Award($300), the Community Award($300), the InstaGeoNick Award($200), and the Grand Prize($5000).
Winners will be announced on the 1TM.io website on December 15th.

For more detailed information have a look at our contest brief deck.

Brief deck: https://1tm.docsend.com/view/xx5yazxzrb24xn9nLinks to an external site.

Have a look at where the contestants will post their submissions.

Submit here: https://www.1tm.io/beyond-addressLinks to an external site.

https://stories.prowly.com/163961-uncovering-hidden-stories-with-design-and-geolocationLinks to an external site.
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