ICSE Semester 1 Revised Datesheet Announced2021-22| Finish your Syllabus in last 30 days for Class 10 boards

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Either as a video game or as reference material, these apps will help you when studying geography. Let's get started with the compilation right away to help you prepare the ICSE Specimen MCQs Sample Paper Class 10 For Semester 1 Board Exams 2021-22.

  1. StudyGe

StudyGe is an excellent app to learn geography. It is a game that always revolves around the planisphere and locating countries in it. In this way, it becomes an important tool to learn not only the location of countries but also the capitals of the world and flags.

You have an additional option to explore the map. This comes in handy to study with ease.

In addition, it offers the possibility of changing the colour of the theme, selecting which country some international territory disputes correspond to.

2. Flags and capital cities of the world: Quiz

The idea of ​​this app is that you can learn all the flags of the world. It consists of trivia where we have different game modes.

In the most common, they teach you the name of a country and you must answer which country it belongs to, among four possibilities. The most interesting thing about this is that the options are not easy. They put flags that are very similar to the country in question.

There is also the alternative mode, in which they show you the flag and you have to choose the name of the country.

But there are also other game modes. One of them is to learn about famous places in the countries of the world, playing a trivia game again in which they show you the name of a famous place and you have to select the corresponding photo.

In addition, there is a way to learn capitals and flags at the same time and one more to learn the local currencies.

For each of these games, you will have to unlock levels to advance with the most difficult countries and flags.

3. Seterra

Seterra is a geography learning product that dates back to pre-internet times. Converted into an app, here we have one of the oldest educational programs I can remember.

This app is excellent for studying geography since it is designed to learn to locate countries and also regions around the world. If you are studying, for example, the provinces of Argentina, the departments of Uruguay or the states of Brazil, among others, in Seterra you can do it.

The study mode consists of locating the different regions that appear on the map.

Something similar happens with the flags, where you have to select those according to the chosen region. Again, you can play with country flags, but also with region flags (although only those of the states of Brazil are available for South America).

The best thing about Seterra is that it has different regions set up to study. And in addition to flags and regions, you can learn about cities, rivers, mountains, among other aspects so that you may not find any difficulty in solving the ICSE Specimen MCQs Sample Paper Class 10 For Semester 1 Board Exams 2021-22.


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