GATE 2022 Admit Card Release: Effective Time Management Tools to Rank up in GATE Exam

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The answer to the question of what to do before, during and after an exam seems very simple: study hard, do your best and relax until the next one. But there are a series of variables that can favour or hinder the whole process and it is convenient to take into account to get the most out of the effort invested in preparing the end-of-course tests.

The keys that must be included in a successful strategy before the exams are summarized in these ten steps. However, For GATE 12 years Solved question Paper for Exams 2022, Click Here.


  1. Review the material: The ideal would be not to study and dedicate yourself only to reviewing diagrams and data already memorized in the previous days. But let's not fool ourselves: who is capable of keeping absolutely all the material up to date? At least don't get too much new content, it could interfere with what you already have assimilated. And please, leave your mobile phone outside the room where you study! One is already nervous enough to receive dozens of wasps from hysterical colleagues.
  2. Keep your nerves in check: Don't let the panic spread. Don't send "I've blocked!" messages to your friends. or, "I think I'm going to go blank." If you have already studied and reviewed all the material, take a relaxing shower or listen to your favourite music.

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  1. Prepare everything you need for the next day:
  • Pens, pencils, erasers, drawing material, calculator...
  • Choose comfortable clothes and shoes that do not make you feel hot.
  • Put some candies and some tissues in your backpack, there are never too many. A bottle of water and a cereal or chocolate bar will give you energy and keep your neurons sharp.
  • Once again, it must be said: leave your mobile phone at home or make sure it is turned off in your backpack. Better not think about the possibility that it rings in the middle of the exam.
  1. Go to bed at a reasonable hour, which allows you to rest for at least seven or eight hours. Even if you haven't had time to study all the material. It is better than what you know you assimilate it well and you are rested to show off.


  1. Get up earlyto have breakfast calmly.
  2. Keep a positive attitude: Stand tall and smile: your body will eventually convince your brain that things are under control. Replace negative thoughts ("I'm going to go blank" or "I'm terrible") with positive ones ("I'm going for it", "I'm not going to give up"). This optimistic attitude will help you reduce stress and achieve good results. Of course, stay away from that group of colleagues who are dedicated to revising and talking in a hasty way about what entered and did not enter the exam. Now it's too late for that. You should have positive attitude while analysing the GATE 12 years Solved question Paper for Exams 2022.
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