5 Top-Notch Tips to Crack GATE 2022 Exam in One Go

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We talk a lot about how to study and introduce different study techniques. But some are super known and are essential to master to clear the GATE 2022 Question Bank | Previous Years Solved Question Papers. So, let's review 5 fundamental study techniques.


Perhaps one of the study techniques most used by students. It consists of highlighting the most important parts of a text.

The key to getting it right is to always stick with the fundamental idea and try to move forward by paragraph.

Perhaps with difficult texts, it is necessary to first read the entire text and then make a pass to underline. But over time this technique can be mastered to the point that it can be underlined while reading.

Underlining is the quintessential study technique for many college majors.

If you have a lot of texts to study and you need to do efficient underlining, I recommend the article on how to study large volumes of text.


The summary is to transcribe one text to another but take only the most important parts.

It is not about copying either, but about paraphrasing, whenever possible. There are careers and subjects where changing a word can change the meaning of everything. So, you have to be very careful.

Summarizing takes much more time than just underlining. You have to determine if it is necessary to summarize the text you study because it can take up a lot of time in your study day.

Synoptic table

This is a technique that is becoming a bit out of use due to the appearance of mind maps. A synoptic table is a block drawing with a hierarchy. It is used to outline and order the information to be studied in a way that makes it natural and easy to understand later.

Mental maps

We have talked a great deal about mind maps. They seem like the natural evolution of the synoptic table.

They are more organic than these and always start from the centre. There the main concept that is being studied is located and from there, ramifications extend with the parts of which it is composed. In turn, each part can continue to be divided into more components.

The mental maps are used to study and are very efficient to summarize and review.

Mnemonic rules

If we talk about fundamental study techniques, we cannot forget the mnemonic rules.

In the XXI century, studying by heart is something that should have been in the past. Unfortunately, many schools and universities boast of saying that they do not make their students study by heart, but this is a lie. In any career that is started today, the student who can memorize will have an advantage over the rest.

Mnemonic rules are tricks to memorize.

Mnemonic rules are tricks to retain information. It seeks to save something small in memory that allows retrieving much more information later. We saw them previously on the site, I recommend that you review the article: Memorize with mnemonic rules.

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This has been all for this article. I hope you are applying these fundamental study techniques and that they are helpful to you.

If you have any questions, queries or contributions regarding GATE 2022 Question Bank | Previous Years Solved Question Papers, GATE 2022 Exam, leave me a comment at the end of the post.

Thanks for taking the time to read me.

Until the next article.

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