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This time we are going to talk about study technique known as a concept map that you may use in CLAT 2022 Mock Test Sample Papers | CLAT 2022 Exam. It is a hierarchical graph where concepts on a topic are located and they are related to each other.

Personally, I do not consider this technique very efficient, for various reasons that I will tell you throughout the article. However, it must be recognized that creating concept maps helps to better understand and understand a topic.

But hey, let's start at the beginning. We are going to define what a concept map is.

What is a concept map?

The concept maps are based on academic studies and have a theoretical definition difficult to understand. They were introduced by Joseph Novak in 1972 when he was researching at Cornell University. As the subject of concept, maps have a complicated theoretical basis and as that does not contribute absolutely anything to their practical use, we are going to ignore it. If you are interested in the subject and consider it important to immerse yourself in it, they have many other websites on the internet where the subject is explained academically.

A concept map is a graphic that has hierarchies and where concepts and ideas are dumped.

As in, we are interested in the application of concept maps to study, we will try a definition closer to the pragmatic:

A concept map is a graphic that has hierarchies where different concepts and ideas related to a particular topic are located. These concepts and ideas can be related not only through the hierarchy. For this reason, concept maps support connectors that represent different types of relationships that you can define yourself.

In other words, a concept map is a hierarchical chart that must follow some rules. The first thing you can think of is that it is like a synoptic chart or as a mind map. A purist of these issues would tell you that they have nothing to do with it, but the truth is that they do. They are more or less similar.

Characteristics of concept maps

Some of the most important characteristics of concept maps are the following:

  • Hierarchical: they must have a hierarchical structure where the most generic is located above and the most particular below.
  • Terms: topics, ideas or concepts have to be synthesized with a word or term. This cannot appear twice in the same concept map. This is somewhat limiting that complicates things. We will see later.
  • Connectors:Connectors are nothing more than lines that can be meaningful arrows that always relate to two terms. In addition, they can have an action or clarification that indicates what the relationship is between the elements.

You will find other features on other sites and on Wikipedia, but these are the ones that I consider the most important and they have to do with what we are going to do next.For CLAT 2022 Mock Test Sample Papers, CLAT 2021 Exam, Click Here.


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