Is Link Building Effective for Small Businesses This 2021?

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link building

Image Credit: Diggity Marketing | Pixabay

Ranking high on search engine results is a sure-fire way to expand your business in as little time as possible. Compared to traditional advertising, online websites can reach more people and gain more traction on social media platforms. For small businesses that are trying to save up some cash, one of the most effective SEO strategies is link building.

Used to develop your domain authority and gain more traffic, it’s a direct method to step up in the search ladder. So, how is link building used and what are the benefits that you could get from it?

Benefits of Link Building

SEO services will tell you that the key to improving your customer traffic is to create good quality content. However, that’s no use when you’re on the lower rung of the search results ranking.

If you’re not on the first page of search engine results then you’re already at a disadvantage. With link building, you can utilize an advantage that allows you to outrank the competition. Through backlinks and referrals, you have a higher chance of being easily found by interested customers.

Incorporating backlinks to your content and keywords (such as trees for sale Newmarket or  corporate bus services Toronto) allows you to connect with more popular sites and ride on their popularity. As time passes, these tiny ripples can become a bigger wave of organic customer interest, leading to increased ranking. Here are some of the added advantages of investing in link building:

  • Nurture Organic Ranking

Search Engine Results Page (SERP) analysis will show that getting linked to other websites increases your chances of exposure and getting visited by netizens. The best way to be referred by others is to create high-quality content that uses the keyword algorithm of search engines.


Using the trendiest and high-ranking terms associated with your business gives other websites more versatility to use your content as a reference. You can increase this backlink usage by being proactive and creating posts on different pages that redirect them to your site. It’s a way to rechannel the audience’s interests back to you.


  • Better Indexing

Search engine algorithms use different shortcuts to report back results as swiftly as possible. One of the ways they do that is by sifting through millions of websites and showing the highest-ranking sites in terms of online traffic.

However, you can take advantage of the system by plugging your site as a backlink to popular sites related to your business. This way, you can stealthily gain a new audience and traction by redirecting their audience.


  • Boosts Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is defined as the online movement of netizens from one webpage to another. This audience shift is organically created, heavily relying on the interest of your visitors.

Through backlinks, you can “channel” the traffic from one website into yours by appealing to the readers’ needs and wants. Backlinks are like teleportation devices that allow visitors and customers to jump from one website to another.

To convince them to do that, you have to tailor your backlink post in such a way that it is compelling enough to hold the attention of your readers. You can accompany it with keywords, how-to tutorials, and more. The key component is it has to be targeted and has a minimal bounce rate.

Smart Link Building Strategies

Photo Credit: Eva Elijas | Pexels

People often get this mixed up when they’re a beginner in link building, the more backlinks you have doesn’t equate to a higher rank right away. You have to use them as efficiently as possible to avoid any redundancy and prevent your readers from getting sucked into virtual rabbit holes. However, before you invest in link building upgrades, here are some dos and don'ts to remember:

  • Be mindful of domain authority

Search engine policies might state that website domain authority has no effect in getting ranked higher. Some SEO for SAAS companies might tell you to invest more in your domain overall link, but chances are, it wouldn’t be that critical.


The SERP has shown that the correlation of domain authority and rankability is not really connected. And, the thing is, it can be quite expensive to improve. So, instead of getting caught up with unnecessary upgrades, for a small business, domain authority can be simply ignored.


  • Invest in Bank link Quality

As said earlier, many backlinks in your content don’t equate to good quality. Having too much of it may lead your readers astray, annoy them, and eventually decrease their interest in your website.

So, how do you differentiate good from poor quality backlinks? Well, links that are found on comment forums, blog networks, and ads have a higher tendency to be spammed, reported, and penalized.


To avoid any inferior and mediocre backlinks, SEO has disavow tools and backlink checkers that you can use. They help you detect low-grade backlinks that deteriorate the quality of your content.

If you’re a small business providing financial, legal, academic, or medical services and products, reliable and trustworthy backlinks are critical. Good quality backlinks should have reliable authority.


  • Incorporate Website Audit

Another alternative for you that’s much cheaper and as effective as link building is a website audit. This full-on SEO check is a regular evaluation of your website to detect any deficiencies and issues.  You can better monitor your online standing through a website auditor tool that quickly fixes any duplicate headers, lengthy redirect chains, and useless tags.

SEO investment and link building is a convenient and affordable way to boost your advertising prowess and exposure. In this online era, you don’t have to spend millions on printing and commercials anymore. With hundreds of software and e-tools available, you can take matters into your own hands and customize your advertising process.

Link building is a safe investment for any budding small business. In the chance that it won’t immediately increase your customer reach, you won’t regret that you have spent time and effort, as it would definitely show positive results in the long run. By investing your time and energy, link building will help you reach that top rank sooner or later.

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