Benefits of e-Delaware company formation

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Delaware has a global reputation as the greatest and most business-friendly state in which to form a corporation.

Delaware is home to more than 65 percent of Fortune 500 firms and more than half of all publicly traded companies in the United States, with new startups forming every day.

Delaware's legal and liability protection provided by established corporate statutes is absolutely unrivaled by any other state in the country, earning it the title of "Incorporation Capital of the World."

The Advantages of Forming a Corporation in Delaware

The Delaware Court of Chancery is America's oldest business court, employing judges rather than juries (which significantly speeds up legal proceedings), and maintaining the most advanced and up-to-date case law, which Delaware corporate lawyers rely on and refer to, reducing liability and litigation among Delaware corporations and limited liability companies.

The fact that Delaware is the most business-friendly state in the country demonstrates once again that no other state in the country has a corporate judicial system as powerful, experienced, or respected as Delaware's Court of Chancery.

The seclusion that Delaware corporations and LLCs provide their owners is unrivaled. The state of Delaware permits you to register your business without naming the owners, which preserves the owners' identities, personal information, and overall privacy.

The names and addresses of the LLC's members and/or management are not required to be made public by the LLC's owners. Only in the case of a court proceeding or at the request of law enforcement would a Delaware Registered Agent be obliged to provide this information.

Delaware is also quite flexible in a variety of ways that assist Delaware business owners. What other reason is there for businesses to form in Delaware?


  • To incorporate a business in Delaware, you do not need to live there.
  • You don't need a physical location in Delaware as long as your Delaware corporation has a Delaware Registered Agent.


The cost of forming a corporation or limited liability company in Delaware is among the lowest in the US (and the globe).

A corporation or LLC can have one person hold all of the posts and be the sole owner.

Delaware general corporation law has some of the most advanced and flexible corporate statutes in the country, giving your Delaware general corporation both predictability and dependability.


The e-Delaware company formation of Corporations allows some Delaware Registered Agents, such as Harvard Business Services, Inc., to have a direct internet link to its electronic database, allowing us to register every corporation the same day.


Delaware firms are preferred by venture capitalists, angel investors, and other investors over corporations incorporated in other states.

The Board of Directors of a Delaware corporation can fix the price for any stock it intends to sell.

Why Should You Form a Corporation in Delaware?

Have you ever wondered why so many businesses choose Delaware to incorporate, and why you might consider doing so as well?

Rick Bell, our founder, and CEO explains how Delaware's Court of Chancery differs from courts in other states, from being controlled by judges to having the most comprehensive body of case law, and how anyone, regardless of where a firm is based, can register a Delaware LLC or corporation.

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