Using Your iPad as a Second Display for Your Mac

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Apple introduced macOS Catalina with a new feature called Sidecar, which lets you use your iPad as a second screen to extend or mirror your Mac desktop. In addition to being useful for artistic Adobe users, this feature is also excellent for anyone looking for additional screen real estate on the go. Sidecar is easy to set up and use, following the old slogan of tech giants, "it just works". Follow this guide to get the most out of Apple Sidecar.

Getting Started with Apple Sidecar

Whether you're working at home or at a coffee shop, Sidecar's dual-screen feature is a game-changer for those who value portability. In addition, the Apple Pencil's functionality as a mouse makes it incredibly useful for visual artists, designers, and photographers. Here's what we know about getting started with Apple Sidecar.

Ensure Your Mac and iPad are Compatible

Sidecar requires a Mac running macOS Catalina, as well as an iPad running iPadOS 13. The following iPad models are compatible:

iPad pro: all models

iPad: 6th generation and later

iPad mini: 5th generation

iPad Air: 3rd generation

Additionally, your Mac must be a recent model. Even though Apple Sidecar is compatible with MacBook Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac mini, and more, the oldest compatible models are 2016 and later. A complete list of compatible devices can be found in Apple's Sidecar system requirements.

How to Use Sidecar

Connect your iPad and Mac to Sidecar first. You must sign in to both devices with the same Apple ID. Connect your devices using either a charging cable or your wireless Bluetooth connection. Enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your Mac, then tap the AirPlay icon on your iPad to connect wirelessly. Bluetooth requires your iPad and Mac to be within a 10-meter range for it to work.

Your iPad will function as an extension of your Mac desktop once connected. Windows can be moved to it just as you would with any other display. Mirroring your screen allows you to see the same content on your Mac and iPad. Simply tap on the AirPlay icon again and select the mirror option. When you are done using Sidecar, tap the disconnect button on either your iPad or Mac.

Apps and Accessories to Use with Sidecar

It is easy to transfer images from your iPad to your Mac when you are writing, drawing, editing photos, or working on graphic designs. With the Apple Pencil, you can click, sketch, and write on documents while your devices are connected. With Sidecar, you can switch from typing to writing with ease using an iPad Smart Keyboard.

Several apps work with Sidecar, including some Mac apps that already support drawing tablets, but most will suspend your session. However, you can still open apps on your iPad while connected to your Mac, and switch back to Sidecar when you're done.

iFixandRepair can repair your iPad or Mac if you're excited about this new feature, but need to fix it first. Bring your device to your local iFixandRepairNorthbridge Walmart to get it back to working order. Do you need to upgrade your Mac or iPad to be compatible? Trade in your old device for credit towards a new one at your local store. In no time, you'll be dual-screening!

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