Benefits of starting a social network and having a community for my business

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Simple no-code community-building tools allow you to transform your audience into no-cost business partners in only five minutes. No prior coding knowledge is required. People don't want to buy Mark Zuckerberg's ad-blocker or use Facebook to establish consumer relationships. Selldone community platform has been developed by a group of Google, Apple, and Qualcomm developers that wanted to do things their way.

Is it difficult for you to answer the same questions again from your customers? Or do you want to create a community around your brand? Gathering friends and admirers around some shared ideals would be a great idea. As a result of your conversations with clients about purchasing their child's birthday cake, you don't want to see the advertising for party accessories!


Create a social network and start a community

Selldone Community Platform is the thing that solves your problem. It's Shopify for the community.

To create a social network there is no previous coding experience needed; we love no-code tools, simple, effective, and objective-oriented design by people for people.



How does a community platform work?

  1. Join us. You can start for free.
  2. Nominate by others or request nomination by sending a comment here. It's better to tell the name or email used in signup.
  3. Start adding categories, structuring your community, and invite others to join you in the new social network.

*. You can have all these on your custom domain.


What about custom social network privacy?

We believe in people's privacy, so there are no ads in all plans and all services, even lifetime free plans!


What are the benefits of having a community?

  • Get free content and auto SEO.
  • Reduce support costs.
  • Change one-way content distribution (blogs) to two-way content sharing (social network).
  • Sell products and services.
  • Increase your brand awareness.
  • Create loyal customers
  • Get feedback and improve the user experience.
  • Sell subscriptions of knowledge, counseling, and access.



What's the Selldone?

eCommerce, community, and online point of sale (POS) all in one business platform for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


How does it work?

Selldone used to build online stores with lower operating costs and greater flexibility. In addition, we provide an always-improving e-commerce management toolchain that gains new features every week, like integrating store administration, inline page builder, and visual programming interface to create custom automation processes or AI integration.



We can't wait to hear what you think of this Business OS and appreciate your feedback and support. Please send your feedback to the Selldone community.


It's not an eCommerce platform nor site builder! What's the difference?

Compared with other platforms, no-code, no-template, and no-plugin advantages empower merchants to start going online hassle-free and fast. No code makes it accessible and scalable, no template brings simplicity, and No plugin saves time. 


Who are community platform customers? 

They are entrepreneurs that want to start their own business or SMBs who want to turn their traditional business into e-commerce. With no code, no templates, and no plugin benefits over competing platforms, retailers can get online quickly and easily. Because there is no code, there is no template, and there is no plugin. Thus it's accessible and scalable.


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