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Using Selldone, business owners can set up their own professional online store and develop PWA web apps without coding. eCommerce platform Selldone acts as a catalyst for the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises. Even if you're just starting out in business, you'll need to get your goods out there on the internet. Online stores with fewer running expenses and better flexibility might be built with Selldone. Our e-commerce management toolchain is constantly evolving and adding new capabilities, such as combining store administration and a visual programming interface to develop bespoke automation processes or artificial intelligence (AI).

All Selldone free community platform subscriptions provide enterprise-grade e-commerce capabilities including the ability to build an unlimited number of goods and catalogs, accept credit card payments, sell gift cards, issue discount codes, discounts, and offers, and access a range of third-party apps.

When compared to other platforms, the advantages of no code, template, and plugin allow retailers to get online quickly and easily. There is no code, so it is accessible and scalable; there is no template, so it is simple; and there is no plugin, so it saves time. In terms of pricing, We provide a plan that is free for all users at all times. Starting from beginning is free, allowing SMBs and entrepreneurs, particularly those in underdeveloped nations, to realize their dreams. There is no need for them to invest money or employ a developer to create their internet store. It's as simple and quick as opening an Instagram account and uploading an image.

Selldone's mission is to bring fairness and equality to eCommerce by creating a beautiful platform for all individuals, regardless of who they are or where they reside.

Customers of private community builder platform

They are entrepreneurs that wish to establish their own business or small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) who want to expand their traditional business into e-commerce. They want a simple solution to sell their items online while also having their own brand and promoting the site on their own domain. They cannot afford to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to establish an internet store. Most businesses engage with their consumers and sales on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Telegram. It is difficult or odd for them to pay for an internet service since they have worked with free applications that they did not pay directly to them (such as Instagram). The answer is private community app.


The best community management software for people

They want an online store with customizable landing pages that allows them to easily set up unique domains. They want to rapidly add their first product and experience it from the customer's perspective. They also want money transactions to be credited to their accounts as soon as feasible. They seek methods to interact with their customers and don't have a lot of time for customer care, so any technique to cut down on it is appreciated. They want to start selling their goods as soon as possible, or at the very least know what measures to take to bring consumers into their website so that they may start profiting from selling online.



Commerce-community key features

  • No code, no template, no plugin eCommerce platform.
  • Dedicated panel for quick and easy orders management.
  • Built-in community builder platform to create socialized commerce sales channel.
  • Drag and Drop page builder tools to create tailor-made landing pages.
  • Integrated drop-shipping processes empower both reseller and supplier to work in one platform without any 3rd party company.
  • The online point of sale (POS) support on all devices integrated with the online store.
  • Smart report generator enables merchants to make better decisions to optimize their online shop performance.
  • Custom automation process with no-code programming IDE.
  • Customers club & loyalty programs.
  • Auto SEO engine and optimizer.


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