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5 ways to have a cheap but hearty trip

If you love to travel and are afraid of traveling and its costs, this article is for you. Traveling a lot makes it a cheap way for you to have a cheap trip. But many people do not know what to do at the beginning of their journey so that their journey does not cost them much. On the other hand, a cheap flight to any region has certain skills that you should get good information about before traveling there.


Stay at the hostel

For those who want to spend less on accommodation, hostels are a great place to start. The cost-effectiveness of the hostel allows you to keep a good amount of money in your pockets. One of the main features of the hostels is the common amenities that include a bathroom, bed, wardrobe, and kitchen.

Travel in the right season

One of the lesser-known issues is the travel season. Traveling should be at a time when people are less inclined to travel. Every city has a good travel season due to its climate, where the costs are much lower than usual. For example, if you want to travel to Kish, you should know that Kish plane tickets are more expensive in winter and you should travel to Kish in summer. Trips, where ticket prices and accommodation costs are lower than usual, are called the low season.

Use local food

To save money, it is better to use local food and go to expensive restaurants less. The food of local restaurants often has a more natural taste because the raw materials of the food are prepared from the same city and village. Of course, if you have applied for a plane ticket to Mashhad, you should know that there are affordable restaurants around the Razavi shrine that can help you with your expenses.

Cook for yourself

One of the most important things you can do when traveling is to cook for less. Often the cost of restaurant food is much more expensive than the original cost. Therefore, we recommend that you book an apartment hotel and be able to prepare food instead of traveling to restaurants or hotels.

Use public transportation

Traveling in cities where you are unfamiliar with the geographical coordinates can be very difficult. But if you want to get around the city and spend less, you can use public transportation. Public transportation such as buses, subways, and BRTs can be very cost-effective.

Book from a reputable site

Online hotel reservation is easily possible through Flytoday. If you want to make a safe and hassle-free booking, Flytoday is the best choice for you and always offers the best options for choosing a cheap hotel for its users. To book an in-house hotel online in Fly Today, the hotel selection is only one click away from receiving the hotel voucher. All you have to do is enter the name of the destination city and the date of your stay in the hotel in the online search system to see all the hotels in the destination with full details including photos and location on the map, and then book an in-house hotel with Give the best price and the good news is that in any part of the purchase process if you want to cancel your reservation for any reason, you can cancel your reservation online.


Trust Flytoday to buy cheap plane tickets. In recent years, Flytoday has always been a leader in providing access to all reputable domestic and foreign airlines, as well as all flights, including foreign flights, domestic flights of Iran, and domestic flights of other countries, by offering competitive and direct prices to users during its years of operation. The sale of the cheapest domestic and foreign plane tickets and has been able to become the cheapest site to buy plane tickets in Iran. If you are looking to buy a cheap plane ticket, buying a plane charter ticket is a good option. Flytoday provides charter airline tickets for domestic and international flights alongside system tickets, giving users a wider choice of online airline ticket purchases.

Enjoy nature

Enjoying tourist attractions will often cost you a lot of money, while you can enjoy a good amount of tourist attractions in the area by exploring natural attractions. Camping in nature will reduce your accommodation costs. If you want to have an economic stay in general, camping in nature is recommended. On the other hand, cities with more natural attractions are a good option for traveling, which is why Qeshm plane tickets are cheaper in the summer than in other months. Because it is possible for travelers to camp.


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